I wanted to let you how integral the website, Chester is Cool, is to the staff and students here at Silver Ridge. As the technology specials teacher, I use this site to begin almost everything we do. What I love best about it is that it allows us quick access to many other sites without going through the labor of typing in the site. I was unaware that many of them even existed before I became familiar with Chester is Cool! We have access to videos, games, and testing sites. Mr. Russell even added a site that I had requested, which teaches the students a fun way to learn the keyboard. When students come in to take AR tests, do First in Math, River Deep, etc., these are all listed and make logging in so much quicker. Furhermore, Chester can be accessed at home, so the students and staff can use it when they are away from school.

Annemarie Crawford

Technology Teacher, Silver Ridge Elementary

Sean Russell at Silver Ridge Elementary has created this most fabulous safe site for your students to use…absolutely free. He has checked out the locations, and made sure they are kid friendly. I have had the opportunity to use many of the locations. Bookmark the site and then students just click on the links.

Deborah R. Gavilan

Director, Before and After School Care

This is a great website for children of all ages. I even have found website that my 1 in a half year old can play. Very child friendly.

Monica Jobes

Staff Member/Parent, Silver Ridge Elementary

Our boys, ages 7 & 5, love chesteriscool.com so much. In fact, we can’t keep them off the computer! Not only is it lots of fun for them, we are thrilled with the educational content it delivers. They can’t wait to watch Chester’s shows and even our 22 month old daughter thinks he is the funniest guy around. Thank you for bringing Chester and all he has to offer into our house!

Hayley and Michael Friend


I LOVE Chesteriscool!! My students loved it too! When they had free choice on the computer they would go crazy with Chesteriscool – and I wouldn’t have to worry about what they were doing or seeing. Highly recommend this site for parents and educators!

Kelly Hornsby

Teacher, Flamingo Road Chrisitan Academy

Chester really IS cool!!! This site is a great place for kids with fantastic educational links and it’s extremely user friendly! LOVE IT!

Angie Love-Callahan

Teacher, Silver Ridge Elementary

Chesteriscool.com is one of the best websites I have encountered. My kids, 3 and 7 years old, are HUGE fans of the website. They go on the website on a daily basis. The content of this website is both educational and entertaining for all kids, without the violence that is associated with most video games. When my kids are playing on chesteriscool.com, I know that my kids are not wasting their time because they are learning while they play. I strongly recommend this website to all parents and educators.

Katya Lopez

Teacher, Silver Ridge Elementary

The site is well-organized and full of resources for parents, teachers, and students. I will recommend this site at open house and parent teacher conferences as a great place to go to find activities to do with your child online.

Marjorie Archer

Teacher, Nova Blanche Forman Elementary

Great web site for all age groups…even PreK. It’s amazing how the children can manipulate to new venues. I would definitely recommend this to teachers and parents who want educational fun for their children.

Michele Cleveland

Teacher, Silver Ridge Elementary

What a great site! I love how it covers various subject areas. I teach Kindergarten and chesteriscool.com is perfect for my students because they can easily select which application they want to use by looking at the picture. I will definitely be showcasing this site to the parents at open house!

Kelly Zacharias

Teacher, Lauderhill Paul Turner Elementary

The design elements and links are very inviting. The website has a plethora of activities for any age group and level. Very parent, student, and teacher friendly!

Lisa C. Modafferi

Teacher, Silver Ridge Elementary

What a great site for children to link to. I am the technology teacher at Hollywood Hills Elementary. Increasing the technology awareness in my school is a major goal of mine.

Randy Rawlins

Teacher, Hollywood Hills Elementary